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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Do You Feel

Are you able to be by yourself? To just sit in thought and reflect joyously?

Or does it make you anxious to do so?
Do your thoughts kick up your anxiety or nervousness?
Do they make you want to "stop thinking"?

It is important that you understand this.
To clearly understand if your thoughts are cluttered and chaotic causing you to have anxiety issues.

Perhaps your mind is overstuffed with past, present and future?
Perhaps you don't take the time to clean it up so when you do quiet down, those same massive number of thoughts come crashing into you and give you a feeling of overwhelment?!

The beauty of it is; you can begin to change all of that!

Because if this sounds all too familiar, then I assure you; you absolutely need to start changing your thinking!!!
Start being more positive!!! Stop your negative pattern of thoughts and beliefs! Stop your gossip and criticism, especially about yourself!!! Be KIND to yourself! Be loving to yourself! Think NICE thoughts! Be happier! Force yourself if you have to!!!
Watch what you speak about. Watch how you respond to someone else's opinions or remarks! Make sure you are always coming from a "good" place and please, please, please LET GO OF THE FREAKIN PAST!!! NO GRUDGES!!! NO PAIN!!! NO OLD MOVIES PLAYING OVER AND OVER AGAIN IN YOUR HEAD!!! STOP ALL OF IT!!!




Got it? Good!