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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It Always Starts From Within

We want certain things is our lives.
All of us do.
The difference is that some of us think about them knowing that they are unattainable!
We think about them with doubtful insights and all the reasons why we would love to have them but know that they are unreachable.

Did you just read that? Do you understand it? Really? Do you?

If you want something but hold thoughts that support the feeling of NOT having it; experiencing emotions of knowing what it feels like NOT to have something you want so badly...well people, the more you FEEL the LACK OF something, the less likely it is to exist in your reality!!!
If you WANT something, you have to FEEL the emotions of HAVING it!
It is the ONLY and most important step!!!

More thoughts and feelings of NOT having something= you won't have it!
More thoughts and feelings of HAVING something= it gets closer everyday!

When you WANT something, you need to make sure you are rejoicing NOW, as if you have already received whatever it is you are desiring!!! You must get excited BEFORE its' arrival so that you can easily ALLOW it to come in.
Thoughts and emotions that keep you at a low frequency and give you the helpless feeling of being stuck are clear indications that you are in no way attracting anything other than exactly those things!
You aren't making any room for the NEW stuff!

Asking is NOT enough!
Feeling and envisioning are the KEY ingredients to your recipe of getting what you want!!!

So relax.

Let go.

Take a breath,

and start FEELING excited about the gifts you desire that have already been beautifully wrapped for you to enjoy!