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These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Need Some Serenity

Need some serenity; take a walk into nature! The natural healing medicine that is FREE! Some times all we need is a little fresh air to bring us back to a calm state!
Go outside and take a look around, even if only for a few seconds!
Stare at the tress, the sky, a bird...anything really because nature is always ready to give back us; unconditionally! And it helps to recharge pretty quickly!!!

Many people do not realise that sickness and any type of aliments begin within the mind.
When I say everything begins from within, I'm not just referring to the good stuff. We are constant creators, and we can create even the things we don't want present in our lives; which is why I repeat myself time and time again to CHOOSE what goes in and what you keep there to fester!
The good stuff will help you stay healthy-and many doctors will tell you that "happy" people are "healthy" people!

Good thoughts create good emotions. And your every cell responds to this!

You see, we feed our selves with much more than just food!
Everything we put in has an effect!

Try your BEST; NOT YOUR HARDEST because everything we must do must be kind and soft with thought at a time, one emotion at a time!
And if you have a difficult time getting there, take a walk outside into the ever giving, ever loving nature!