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Friday, November 12, 2010

Self Esteem

Fascinating beings!

Women; we are Beautiful!
We are caring, loving, kind, nurturing, supportive and undoubtedly multitaskers!!!

Yet most woman undermine themselves and have very bad "inner dialogue"! They repeat negative, nonsupporting thoughts over and over again to themselves because they seem to FORGET just how amazing they truly are!
Perhaps they NEED compliments to remind them of how wonderful they are...if you wait for someone ELSE to fulfill you with the truths you have forgotten, you will TEMPORARILY be fulfilled until the next compliment... so all you wonderful gals out there do yourself a favor: don't wait for anyone else to compliment you!
Compliment yourself!
This isn't being vain! This is encouraging and empowering!!! And for such giving, nurturing souls it is the least you can do for yourself!
Besides, self esteem is VITAL for your survival!