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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sometimes It's Best To Turn The Volume DOWN!!!

It was a perfect day to stay in, cool and windy outside I decided to turn on the tv and see what was on. The movie BIG with the great Tom Hanks was just about to start! GREAT! Easy movie to watch and it had been many years since I had seen it! Perfect!
So I settle in with a warm cup of tea and off I go to relax into this movie and my couch:)

Then commercials come on, MANY OF THEM! I could not believe my ears!!! Commercial after commercial telling people about sicknesses they may not know they have! Medications that have a gazillion side effects like suicidal thoughts and even DEATH!!!! WTF PEOPLE!!!! What is going on?!?! What happened to Coca cola commercials where you want to sing along..."I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony"....seriously!

I was thinking about those with fearful minds watching or listening to this stuff! They probably start worrying at that very moment if they have that condition, or perhaps they think "that's why" their leg shakes, or "that's why" they get "those" pains!!!!
These advertisements are busy keeping everyone FEARFUL AND STRESSED!!! There was a commercial about heart attacks and blood clots!!! Can you believe this?
Look, I can understand wanted to educate people, or keep them informed but have we forgotten EVERYTHING ELSE??? Must EVERYTHING be about pain, suffering and DEATH!!!!

So after a good laugh at these advertisements, because they just kept coming and coming ALL with the same message!!!! I chose to mute my television and walk away. Then come back and go back to enjoying my movie!
I WILL NOT be exposed to such negativity! That stuff gets soaked up so quickly in your brain and can fester!
CHOOSE what you expose yourself to because conscious of it or not it gets soaked in your sponge of a brain! And that can make a difference between happy and joyous, to fearful and stressed!!!
I guess sometimes it's best to turn the volume DOWN!!!