For those with flexible minds!

These are my thoughts of love and light! I hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Use Your Filtration System

There is great wisdom that lives inside of you!
Great secrets of happiness and wonders of your world!
No one can enter here but you!

This is why you must go within to search for answers! Outside sources can perhaps help you but only you have the passage way to this magical place!

And no one can come in without YOU allowing them to!
This is why it is VERY important to not let negative situations or people live in your private space!
It is important to choose who and what you allow in because you live in there! Your thoughts and feeling float around in there so please CHOOSE what goes in and vibrates within this special place of yours!!!

Whenever I go somewhere I always go prepared! I say: I now allow my protective circle to be activated so that only love may enter and negativity bounces right off of me! I ask all the angels to come with me, to guide me, protect me, and help me bring love, joy, prosperity, peace, laughter, and harmony! Thank you!

Try it! Or try your own, but always be prepared!

Remember it's YOUR space! You CHOOSE what comes in and what goes out!