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Friday, November 5, 2010

We Are Constantly Creating!

We are constantly creating!

Aware of it or not you are!

With every thought, with every word, you continue to create!

What you think about, if you think about it often enough, it comes true for you! Now most people will say, "so why don't I have millions of dollars?!" because you spend more time thinking about how difficult it is to achieve it! So you ARE getting what you are thinking about which in this case is THE LACK OF millions of dollars!
Many people DON'T spend their time thinking what millions of dollars FEELS like. They look at those who have it and think,"oh I wish!" again LACK OF!

So you just keep thinking and thinking over and over and over again how AMAZING it would FEEL to have those millions, use the dollars up in your head... go shopping, on a helicopter ride, stay at a 10 star hotel for 6 weeks...go ahead DREAM about it! Spend as much time as you do on all your negative thoughts and see how quickly it becomes your reality!

This works with EVERYTHING not just material stuff!
Yourself: stop criticizing and start COMPLIMENTING YOURSELF!
Relationships: stop complaining and looking at the "bad" stuff and find things you appreciate about that person!
Work: Stop your bitching and find gratitude in what you ALREADY HAVE!!!
More gratitude and less complaints gets you what you want!!!

Realize that you are CONSTANTLY creating and stop creating CRAP in your life!!!