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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why Are You Here

What are you doing here? Here! On this planet? On this continent, in this country, this state, this province, this city, this town, this street, this office, this house? WHY are you here? Why do you find yourself where you are, surrounded by these people? Why are you part of this particular circle of friends and family?

When you look at your life on a grander scale; set aside the fear, get out of your bubble and look, I mean REALLY look at your life and this world as you know it! What do you see?
Are you here to pay your bills and work? Yes, partly...but what about the rest? What about the bigger picture?
On a soul level who are you? Why have you come here?
It is really important to ask yourself these questions! I know it is "comfortable" not knowing, but that is only because we are taught to fear the unknown! But the unknown brought you here! So how can you look away or deny it!

Like it or not you are much more than human! You know this deep inside yourself!
My point is don't think small! Don't live small! Don't be AFRAID!!! This is YOUR life! You are on a playing field where anything is possible! You can do anything! Be anything! You are SO MUCH more and you can find this power through PEACE! Go within. Find the quiet! Empower yourself! Connect with who you truly are! Find that connection! And don't give up until you do!
It WILL change your life, your world, your universe!