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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Go Ahead, Make This YOUR Year

The New Year is right around the corner!
Soon we will be able to say the year is 2011!
Many of us make promises to ourselves, we set goals, and get excited about the changes we are going to make; which is why this New Year I ask for all of us to have patience, trust, and willingness to let go, so that we may achieve our goals in a positive loving way!
Yes! We need determination, and positive thinking to get what we want but many of us also need to LET GO of the past in our hearts and minds and ACCEPT what our NEW reality will feel and look like! Many times the secret is simply LETTING GO and getting out of our OWN way and TRUSTING Life by ALLOWING it to unfold in the best way- which is not for us to figure out!

Please make your requests, and list all your desires and goals this New Year, and as you do this I want you to remember what I am telling you here in this blog!
Make this THE YEAR! Make this YOUR YEAR!
Believe in yourself, Trust Life, Let go and ENJOY!!!

Life was always intended for us to enjoy!!!
Luv, Light and a VERY FRESH and EXCITING New Year To YOU!!!