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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In My State Of Gratitude

I am sitting by my window in a complete state of gratitude, thinking about the path life has layed out for me.
I have put in my requests, as I always do with the universe; but the results weren't as
I expected them to be. They weren't how I thought they would be.

This is why I repeatedly say, it is up to us to simply state our requests and the rest gets figured out for us.
The why, how, where, when, who and what...all those details you rack your brain with get figured out for you.
And by us keeping our mind focused on the details we create resistance toward the very same thing we are asking for!
It has been proven to me, in my life, time and time again that we ALWAYS get what we ask for, just not in the way we think it will come.

So today, as I sit in my state of complete gratitude, with no agenda to fulfill and no place to run and rush about to, I remind you that you have every ability sitting inside of you to create the life that YOU want!
Even if your request is simply for free time to sit by your window and enjoy just BEING like I am today! I am just BEING! Living in these beautiful moments! Enjoying and rejoicing!!!
I send you my vibrations of Luv and Light!