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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Magical World

I live in a magical world!
When I enter into this personal space I create a reality that is there to love, nourish and recharge me!
I go into my world with a few deep breaths.
Each breath takes me deeper and deeper into this magical place!
There is peace here. I connect with that peace.
There is happiness, joy and an immense feeling of fulfillment!
I come into this place to connect with all that exists here. To energize myself so that when I open my eyes again and come back here, to this reality where I share space with everyone else, I bring the connection from my reality, my magical place and that is what I share with them. That is the energy I exchange with them!
How beautiful of me to bring such gorgeous energy for them to feel!

What are you bringing? What energy are you? What are you CHOOSING to share?