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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Oops! Did I say that?
Children are honest. The most honest comments, (some that can make us cringe) come from children.
There is plenty we can learn from them! So remain open!

One great problem I continue to see with humans is the choice to make excuses for why their lives are the way they are!

1)Be truthful TO YOURSELF first and foremost!

2)Listen to what those who love you say BUT keep only what you know is necessary and let the rest GO!!!

3) Stop making excuses! If your Life sucks its because you help it be that way!

Wake up and start realising what millions and millions of people are finally coming to terms with: YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY!!!

No excuses, no lies, no "poor me" pity!
Your world is created with your every sentiment, your every thought, feeling, action and reaction!!!!
So get over the nonsense and take responsibility for yourself!!

Thank goodness for children for they are clear reminders that we can choose to remain honest with ourselves, accepting of ourselves and their gorgeous reminders that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!

Luv and Light especially to all the children of this planet who have blessed us with their great spirits!!!