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Friday, December 10, 2010

You Are Never Alone!!!

You are never, ever, ever alone! You have so much around you that the naked eye can not see!
You have an entourage of angels, angelics, guardians, teachers, protectors, guides, and so many more that watch over you and help you every millisecond of your life!
They will gladly be of assistance with anything you might need or want but you must ALLOW them to. Only if there is an urgency of some sort will they intervene!
If you believe nothing is around you. If you believe we are only humans, animals, and plants in this universe...well, I would say: Wake Up!
There is SO MUCH more and until you knock yourself awake, away from your tiny reality, you will be missing out on all the assistance given to you!
Humans DID NOT create the sun, moon, stars, planets, and all the living organisms! NO! We created AMAZING things like electricity, buildings, vehicles... so where did the rest come from? Where did you come from? AWE!!! YES! There it is!!!
The questions not too many of us ask ourselves!
Why? Are you afraid to FEEL the truth?! You are a part of ALL that! You are connected with everything that exists!!!