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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 The Year Of Triumphant Victory For All

We keep telling ourselves, "there's got to be more!"
We know there's more! MUCH MORE!
And if we get ourselves together and believe it, we can create it!
By now we've understood that what ever we focus on, we get more of, so let us put our focus on the things we want!
Let's not keep our reality small!

Expand it as much as you can! And when you have done that, push your beliefs even further! Don't see anything as impossible! No matter how crazy, no matter how extreme; Think it! Feel it! Believe it!!!
As you keep expanding, you create SPACE. You create more room for things to come in....the things you've been desiring for so long!

This is a New Year! A chance to create a different reality! Everything must be done even with the slightest difference....but it must be different in every way in order to have a different outcome!!!
The past is in the past and we head toward the future with GREAT EXPANDED desires and certainty, creating Triumphant, Victory FOR ALL!!!