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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Give Thanks

Give Thanks!
You must remember to say thank you for all that your life contains: the good, the bad, the ugly and the nice. All of it is present with good reason and purpose. We can not always understand why we have certain challenges in our life. But once we accept them and give thanks for them, we can clearly understand why they are there and how they lead to more joy, prosperity, freedom and happiness.
When we resist our reality, fight it, fret over it, and feel overwhelmed we create a darker reality, one that is unpleasant to experience.
So take whatever situation you find yourself in right now; embrace it and be grateful for it and watch how differently things will begin to unfold!
Your "job" is to put in your requests of what you WANT, accept and love what is there RIGHT NOW and keep a vision of where you want to go or what you want to achieve! Leave the rest! Don't complain, pout, or feel frustrated for you only DELAY the GREAT things that are waiting to enter into your life!!!

It's A New Year! Forget how you USED TO do things! You must try to do EVERYTHING DIFFERENTLY and for some of us, it's remembering to give thanks!

Thank you for my health, my heart, my voice, my clarity, my peacefulness, my abundance, my laughter, my friends, my family, my home, my safety, my job, my family, my children, my car.....there is much too much you can choose to be grateful for!!!!