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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Luv, Light and Reconnection

I can feel the difference when I don't spend quiet time with myself. Doubt and confusion find their way into my reality. I begin to feel unsure, even insecure about my next steps. I understand the importance of the reconnection and yet there are times when I get side tracked. Sound familiar?
So there it is. My emotions once again clearly telling me where I am.
The great power of emotions; always clearly telling us where we are.
The amazing thing is that it doesn't take anytime at all to reconnect and the option is readily available!
Even a few seconds in quietness brings me back instantly into realignment.
This is where I understand and clearly see all details of my life.
No fussing, over thinking or analyzing! Just clarity and certainty!
A great sense of freedom comes with this! The wonderful sense of knowing automatically reactivates itself!
Gorgeous universe of calmness, patience and balance finds its way again and each time more powerful, more beautiful!
I urge you to reconnect. To take that quiet time, if only for a few seconds and realign yourselves!
We have a path to follow and the details are too many for us to figure out so the reconnection is much more vital than we think!
Sit in your quietness with gratitude leading the way and let the universe lay out the steps and the details.
Today we have yet another fresh start! A powerful gift given for us to receive with new vision and clarity!
Rejoice in your new day! Celebrate your life! Enjoy the ride by finding the trust and gratitude that lives inside of you!