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Thursday, January 27, 2011

What Energy Are You Carrying And Spreading Around

There is a serene quietness in the early morning.
The world isn't quite awake yet and the hustle, bustle has yet to begin. There is a powerful silence you can almost smell in the air.
I love taking it in! It re-energizes and recharges almost instantly!
We need the silence, the recouperation!
If early mornings aren't for you then find what is.
We all have a way of recharging our battery and besides vacation time, we each must find some sort of way to plug ourselves back in and recharge our battery daily!
We use up so much of our energy throughout the day and just like filling our tummies when we are hungry, we must fill our insides!
You give so much! You do so much! So you must find a way to give back to yourself!
You carry your energy everywhere. You are constantly exchanging it with others, you spread it around wherever you go, whatever you do and say.
If you are unbalanced, unhappy, or frustrated then that is what you carry, spread and exchange!
So you see the importance of finding rechage time?!
It is important not only for you but for everyone who comes in contact with your vibration waves!
So for yourself and for everyone who comes in contact you please take the time and polish your energy so that you may share and spread beautiful energy and get beautiful energy in return!

Togeather we can all exchange and create a gorgeous reality!
Are you in?