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Friday, February 18, 2011

Be Grateful For The Contrast

Life constantly helps us define our desires, dreams and wants!
Many people don't really know what they want and experiencing a contrast always sets their desires in the right direction.

Having something in your life that feels unpleasant is a GOOD thing because it is at that point that you understand what you do NOT want, therefore you KNOW what you DO want. Seeing the way someone behaves and NOT liking it helps you define HOW you would like to be, or what kind of people you want to surround you.
Having a job you don't enjoy, again contrast so it helps you define what kind of job you DO want to have.
Being in a relationship that you're unhappy with helps you define the qualities you DO want in a partner. The examples are endless and this amazingly, wonderful universe keeps helping us ask for what we want by giving us countless contrasts!
Many people however, won't see the contrast as a good thing. Instead they get stuck in them, complain endlessly and forget that it is a contrast!
Define the details of your desires by remembering not to get caught up in the circle of your contrast, better to stand outside of it and be able to articulate clearly what you DO want to see, feel, experience and share in your world!
Be grateful for those contrasts! They are indeed a GREAT gift of this magnificent universe!