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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Contrast: Ingenious Idea Given to Us To Help Define What We Want In Our Lives

Tough times. We all go through them. Over the years I've learnt the importance of learning from those tough times.
Getting past them, but more importantly growing and becoming a better person from them.

No situation presents itself without reason. There is a lesson in it for you. If you're too busy focused on "poor me" you will be blinded to its reason and lessons.

We all know the saying, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" right? There is so much truth in that! Just the other night my husband and I were sitting with my parents, talking about their struggles growing up. No bath or shower, no hot water or heating, lack of food and comfort!
A reality not known in my experience. Yet still able to understand their emotions and experiences. Rough times. Rough enough for them to leave their country, family and friends to come here, Canada to make for a better life and send money to help those they had left back home.
They have done so well for themselves and continue to do so creating a comfortable, loving reality but with the great knowledge and understanding of solid emotions of Courage, Strength, Independence, Appreciation and happiness. Content in their lives because they know too well the suffering they have passed and sometimes it's all you need to have the drive to create a better, more beautiful life for yourself.
So life's lessons aren't always easy but we must remember that it will pass.
Time passes, things change, opportunities present themselves all the time!
Remember this if you find yourself in a struggle or a tough situation. Know that you can learn from it. Grow from it. Better understand what you DO want in your life!

Most of us do not know what it is we want, the details of it anyway. So life gives us opportunity to define in great detail what it is we DO want by presenting us with what we DON'T want. By visually seeing a reality, a detail of a person, experience, place or thing that we do not want we can easily ask for the opposite!
So remember to learn from your tough experiences. Learn and grow and don't allow yourself to get stuck in "poor me" emotions. You'll only be wasting your time and energy and missing the important lesson of contrast!