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Monday, February 14, 2011

A Day Of Hearts And Love

The day some people love to celebrate! Others hate it. Myself, well I'm a softy for love, hearts, pinks and reds so YES! I like Valentine's Day:)!!!
I base my Universe around love! It really is the most precious gift we can exchange! I agree that we do not need one specific day to show and share love, but for those who don't focus on love most of the time, like it or not, will be surrounded by it for a whole day! Flowers will be sent, cards and gifts exchanged for some and the media will have pretty things to show and share, so all in all it's a GREAT day for all!
No matter who you share you heart with, no matter who you love or how many people you are blessed with to have around, the MOST IMPORTANT LOVE is the the love you have for YOURSELF! Loving yourself is respecting and honoring yourself! Celebrate your life! Appreciate your health, body, mind and soul! Always remember how IMPORTANT and UNIQUE you are! There is NO ONE ELSE in this entire Universe like YOU!
With Luv and Light dear soul, I remind you on this day of hearts and love, to celebrate the most important, most special person in your life: YOU!