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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Get Yourself Back To Powerful

Each day you wake up, you get another clean slate! A new start! Another chance to do things differently!
You must use your inner strength, your inner power to turn things around! You must TRUST in yourself and the Universe! Don't rely solely on your human abilities.
With your power and your trust you can transform anything! You hold so much within you! Even if you can not see it, believe me, it is THERE!!!
So don't get down yourself down, or feel stuck! Get yourself back to POWERFUL!
Transform your thoughts for they are VERY POWERFUL tools! They make things true in your world! Your words and thoughts constantly create! As you think them, as you speak them, you create! So watch what it is you are thinking and speaking!!!
You hold the POWER!!!
Go on now, and remain ALERT to what you are creating in your world!

I am powerful!
I celebrate Life with Loving thoughts!
I create my reality!