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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Take Care of You First

Helping or doing something for others feels good! I encourage it anytime, anywhere!
However I understand how some can feel overwhelmed, tired, drained or even frustrated from helping others! If this sounds like you then let me be the one to remind you that you are either doing too much or forgetting about yourself and that isn't beneficial to anyone!
I too remember a time where I "couldn't" say "no", I didn't know that it would be harmful to run myself to exhaustion by doing so much for others, and pushing myself aside in the process. This isn't the right way to do it!
You must always make sure you take care of yourself FIRST and then reach out and help another!
If you are running yourself tired because you feel bad to say no, or don't want to disappoint the other, well I guarantee that by the end of it you won't feel good and as I have said 1 million times in these post feeling good is THE most important thing!
So go out there and help others but please do yourself a favor, remember YOU in the process! Make sure YOU are well taken care of THEN go ahead and lend a helping hand or some encouraging words!
It will be that much better for everyone including you!