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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things Don't Just Happen, You Help Create Them

Yes! There is always room for change, for improvement!
We get the chance day after day to tweak, transform, and create what we want!
Yesterday is over! Today you begin again with a clean slate, a new page!
A chance to create a better reality!
Sure, you probably wake up in the same home, same routine, same schedule but it doesn't mean you can not do, say, or see things differently!
Ever time you move from one segment of your day to the next: after a phone call, the drive to work, lunch time, bathroom break....each time you enter a new vortex. Your chance to transform what you are thinking, feeling, seeing and sharing with yourself and others.
Watch yourself through out each segment. Check in and see what you are thinking, where your mind is, what direction you are headed. Perhaps a deep breath before your next segment?Perhaps happier, more relaxing thoughts is what you need?
The important thing here is to become aware of what is going on inside you, what you want and don't want and make sure you are attracting the right things.
Check in regularly today! Check in with each segment you are about to enter. Your life may seem routine but I promise you, if you pay enough attention you can use that magic wand of yours and transform even the simplest situation into a rewarding one!
Things don't just happen, you help create them!

Now that you have read this, you have just entered a new segment, where are your thoughts? What are you bringing as you enter the very next segment of your Life?