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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Truth and Trust

Truth and Trust.
Two keys to living a real Life!
Truth to Live inside you and if it doesn't you must find it!
Trust to Live inside you and if it doesn't you must find it!

We can not really Live Life with question marks filling our minds and souls all the time! Without Trust we are lost, confused, scared and unsure!
No one wants to lead a Life feeling this way! This means you rely solely on yourself and that leads to pure exhaustion!
SOLID FOUNDATION of Truth and Trust, now those are the keys to Certainty, Clarity, and Peace!
If you feel lost, confused, scared or anxious then your foundation isn't very solid!
Do you understand and truly believe that you are well taken care of and you never have to do everything by yourself? Sure you have options! You can try and expand that logical brain of yours to help greet your soul and work together in understanding the power that continuously creates, the same one that has created YOU!
Knowing you are never alone and well taken care takes courage and strength! Priceless gift just sitting inside you, waiting for you to greet them so you can re-activate them because they have always been with you since before your human mind can remember!
You have an entourage of Powerful beings continuously there to help you and Divine guidance at ALL TIMES just waiting for you!
Choose to truly activate your powers! You are much more than just human!
Find that Truth and Trust and create a more meaningful, clearer Life for yourself!