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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Use Your Anger Wisely

Someone upset you. Some situation's got your blood boiling and your stomach churning. So what are you going to do about that anger? I would recommend breathing deeply and going within to mend and heal your emotions but I realise that not all of us have reached that stage yet. So what else can you do with these pent up emotions? Anything else besides dwelling and letting the anger grow and grow! This is toxic for you so find any other means to release it! Walk, punch, scream, write, dance, sing, workout, clean, draw, paint, do yoga....whatever you can find to release those pend up emotions which creates pend up energy! So please RELEASE it anyway you know how!!!
Anger can be a great tool! It can help you get things done, move forward, finally get over people or situations! Yes! Use your "negative" emotions to help create positive outcome!!!
So remember to always use your anger wisely!!!