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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Want More!

You have so much potential!
You have the capability to do ALL the things you desire and more! Much MORE!
I don't care if you believe these words to be true for yourself or not! SAY THEM to yourself! Pump yourself UP! Get started first thing in the morning!
Every single cell in your body is active, ALIVE and working ALL THE TIME! They send messages to your brain and vice versa so if your feeling fear, thinking fear what are your cells doing with these messages?
If your feeling powerful and happy, thinking powerful and happy, what do you think your cells are doing with these messages?
See how important it is to send out the right messages?
You are the driver of your own car - plain and simple - you decide where you want to go and how to steer the wheel!
You are the only one who can pump yourself up for success! Success in every sence in your life!

You CAN have it all! From the inside where it REALLY matters!
Activate yourself and your cells with POWERFUL words of encouragement!

Go out there FRESH, EMPOWERED and HAPPY!