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Friday, February 25, 2011


It makes me happy to know that more and more of us are WAKING UP and OPENING UP!
Getting out of their tiny boxes!!!
The people of this planet can not be fooled any longer! We are too advanced, educated and knowledgeable!!!
There is too much leaked information out there for us to not want to know more! The important key here is to remember NOT to hold on to fear!
We are constantly being fed fear in the hopes that we can be controlled!
But we must remember that WE are the majority! We have survived and adapted through very difficult times! For centuries and decades people have passed through SO MUCH yet we are still here!!!
Generations and generations of people to pass down the stories, the knowledge and continue to grow and unite!
Don't let anyone keep you in a state of fear!!! WE are the people of this planet! WE need to stick together to keep it clean, respected and well taken good care of!
We must decide and choose within ourselves to no longer be a product of society and be brainwashed into limited, fearful thinking!!!
REMEMBER who you are! REMEMBER how many of us are out there! REMEMBER that united we can HELP THE WORLD BE A BETTER PLACE!