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Monday, February 28, 2011

You Have It All!

"I Have It All!"
This is a GREAT affirmation to repeat throughout your day!

It empowers you and reminds you of what is true!
We have SO MUCH in our lives! We have many things we may forget to be thankful for, we have things others believe they can only dream of!

All the gorgeous things that surround you, your beautiful circles of family and friends, your cozy home with all your toys, the abundant food, the many ways of transportation, the security and peace that constantly lives inside of you!
Everyone has MANY things in their lives that they are blessed with and they must not be forgotten!
Being thankful for what already exists opens the doorway for MUCH MUCH more to enter!
But you know this! This is why you remind yourself to say thanks for the gracious gifts you find lavishly popping into your reality!

"I Have It ALL!"

Let's face it, you have plenty right now and life has helped guide you this far. Now imagine if YOU help life guide you?! You can help get MUCH MORE of what you want!
All you have to do is dream with PASSION, ALLOW the Universe to do what it has to do, all the while maintaining your faith and gratitude and POOF! MAGIC!

"I Have It ALL!"

4 simple words to help you re-activate your magic wand!