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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are You Strong Enough

What is it you want? What goals do you have?
Are they camouflaged in your world, unclear and out of reach?
You have 2 human eyes that can only let you see so far, but what about what you can't see with those gorgeous eyes of yours?!
When our dreams and goals are met, we usually find them tucked away in places where you couldn't see them, but they were waiting there all along. Waiting for you to greet them.

When we set a desire in motion, it takes believing! Belief and trust! In yourself and in the massive, powerful universe that continuously provides for you!
There are laws that apply and if you work with these laws, you flow with the process and your achievements unfold easily and effortlessly!
Your trust is vital here.
Just because you don't see something at this very moment, or can not see your goal at the end of it all, doesn't mean it isn't there!
It is a question of your willingness to trust and let go, knowing that what you are working toward awaits you!

1) Affirm what you want.
2) Ask that you be put on the right path.
3) Keep your focus.
4) Trust that it is coming!
5) Celebrate as if it were already here: example, I'm so glad now that(insert goal here) and keep feeling those happy emotions of having achieved your goal!

Very simple, but this takes courage and strength!
Too many of us are unable to preform these 5 simple steps!
Find what it is you need to tweak inside yourself in order to complete these 5 simple steps!
Are You Strong Enough?!