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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

If you can imagine it, you can create it!
An extremely powerful thing to understand!

You believe something to be true because you see it with your own eyes; but what about what you can not see yet?
If you can imagine it, feel it to be real, and hang on to those thoughts and feelings you set the motion for the Universe to create it!

By now, you've come to understand that what you think and feel is MORE important than anything else!
In order to help create something you must first set it into motion with your insides!!! Your thoughts and emotions!
Nothing can be true without your belief in it!
Just like a painter; a painting comes to life because of a vision they hold inside of themselves, but their canvas remains blank until they put their vision on that canvas! Then everyone else can see it! But it began as a vision within their imagination, then a reality!
This IS our everyday Life!
This is what we do even if we aren't aware of it, but we are constantly painting our reality, constantly creating!
The more you become aware of this reality, the more you will realise YOU are the painter!
YOU hold the paint brush in YOUR hands!

What are you painting in your Life? What have you painted so far and what are you going to paint next?
Remember: Everything You Can Imagine Is REAL!