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Monday, March 7, 2011

I Forget Too!

I need to go back and read my own blogs when I feel like I did the other day!
I too need the reminder of what is important and what really counts! Although seeing my nephew does this instantly, but he has a life too, so I can't depend solely on him, I need to do it on my own as well!
I have to live on this planet too and sometimes, I allow myself to get tangled in some one's web of chaos!
I truly believe we all effect one another, it's so important that we understand that!
So I try to remain focused, content, and aware at all times!
I find it my way of giving back to all of you!
But sometimes I slip, so I come back to my blogs and suck it all up again and there it is, the clarity is back! I feel great again! I am radiant again!
Sending GREAT waves of positive, happy energy every one's way!

I am very grateful today! Grateful for all of us! The "good", "bad"and the"ugly". Yes! Even toward those mean liars! They know who they are! They are what I refer to as "the ugly"!

The good people: make us jump with joy inside, reminding us to celebrate Life!
The bad: remind us to be good!
The ugly: reflects what we look like when our inner light is turned off!

I stand in truth and I know that all is always well as long as I stay clear and focused on what really matters in Life and I remember that truth ALWAYS wins!

So to all you "bad" people out there: Thank You for your presence in my world because of you I continue to be good! Thank You to the "ugly" people because of you I remember to live and breath in truth and clarity where it's always bright! And for all you "good" people out there, THANK YOU because you make Life a Joy to Live!!!