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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I See You

There's no hiding anymore. I can see you!
No matter what you say, or how you try to conveince me, I can SEE you!
The great gift of practicing my beliefs is that eventually you see yourself and others in a true light. Any living thing has an energy. This energy is what I see and feel. It is amazing!
No logic needed here, just heart, soul, awareness and awakeness- this IS a word in my world!
As someone walks by, as they speak, as they sit and ponder; energy is just oozing out of them. Some crying for help, others content, some fearful, some insecure, some worried, some calm. But they are all there, clearly placed for anyone to see!
Maybe you aren't as interested in reading or understanding others. Perhaps your mind isn't yet decluttered and you are still unable to see other's messages. But I do and I want all of you to know...even with strangers; every single time you pass by and I see you, I try my best to send you what you need! I immediately send you loving energy with happiness and at the same time I request the angels to deliver whatever it is I read from you. Sometimes it's courage, sometimes it's strength but almost too often I find myself with the request of Peace!
Too many are unpeaceful inside! Too much worry, too many thoughts! Please pay attention to your needs, your thoughts, your desires! I SEE YOU but I can only do my share!