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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Lion In All Of Us

Strong and Courageous, the lion roams his territory in a very protective way.
To be strong takes courage and to be courageous takes strength!
This is a perfect metaphor for how I choose to live my Life!

Just the other day I found myself having to follow my instinct, my gut in making a decision that was an easy one to make, but a difficult one to stick with because it involved disappointing another person. Like a parent disciplining a child, doing the right thing isn't always the easy thing to do. But knowing I would be doing something that doesn't feel right to the ground I protect with so much love (my insides) doesn't feel right either.
So I did the more difficult thing to do, and stood my ground, listened to my gut, followed my inner voice, and like a lion, stood up to protect my precious territory (my insides)!
It was difficult for me, and it took loving words from my beautiful husband and family that support me and always have great words of wisdom and honesty to share with me to reassure me of what I already know...I was doing the right thing!
A difficult task to complete but with love and support surrounding me and honesty guiding me I got through a challenging moment and now that enough time has passed, and I've had time to rest and release the past, I wake up feeling Proud of myself and SO CALM inside!

My parents raised me to be truthful, and as long as I follow my heart truthfully and speak the truth I know I will always be okay!

I hope my story can help inspire you so that perhaps you may find the Strength and Courage you need in order to do what is right for your precious territory: your inner self!!