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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Only Photo Needed Today, Is Your Own.

I'm not sure why you choose to be where you are. I wish you would speak with me, truthfully.
I sit by the side lines, watching you, refusing to come in.
Your circle doesn't entice me. It scares me!
What a web you've weaved! What a reality you've chosen!
How can you convince yourself this is truly where you want to be?
How can you insist that your soul isn't suffering.
Energy doesn't lie and the truth is quite clear! Your colors and blurred, faded and grey!
Your vibration, the lowest I've ever seen it to be! Why would you deliberately choose this?
I know you! This isn't you! Clean it up!
We are all here ready, willing and waiting for you to allow us to help you!
Please wake up!