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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Save Me!

At times our Life experiences may feel more like a walk in a wild jungle rather than a walk in the park!
As though you are surrounded by a pack of wild animals, leaving you to stand in fear and panic. This may leave you feeling like you have been pushed to your limit!
This type of experience isn't always easy to get through. But sometimes, as we stand in that moment, a golden light steps in and takes care of it! Saves you from being mauled!
I believe it's much more than that! When you choose to surround yourself with angels, and that cry for help comes in, it send out a loud roar to be heard by all and just then, right when you feel like you have lost your decorum completely, they fly in to take over!
To help you! To save you!
Today I give thanks to all of my angels especially those who are in human form, saving me from the hungry lions!

Thank you dear angels!
THANK YOU! You know who you are!!!