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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thank You Great Teacher

Nature is solid.
It is powerful.
It is continuously creating.
Nature does not doubt. It lives in the very moment. Certain of how, where and when!
It adapts quickly and reinvents itself when necessary!
Nature is continuously teaching us who we are and is a fantastic reminder of how we could lead our lives.
Nature has always been a great teacher and perhaps we aren't surrounded by it as we once were, there is much more concrete and asphalt but the message is still clear! The evidence is still there only now we must choose to seek it!
So be solid like a tree, beautiful like a flower and powerfully healing like the sun!
Celebrate with nature, celebrate your Life!
When you look at nature today remember this blog, you might be surprised at how you feel!
Today I give my gratitude to the gorgeousness that surrounds the planet!
Thank you beautiful nature!
Thank you great teacher! We would seriously be lost and dead without you!