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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Quest

I am still settling into my ever changing reality. 
Since the "forced" change in my work, I have been on a continuous quest discovering and learning about myself. 
Finding out who I am WITHOUT any "title or position". 
Learning without borders who I truly am inside, and what my Life purpose truly is!
On the odd day, it can feel like a scary thing. On most other days, I find it interesting and a blessing!
See, I am in a place right now where I can let fear take over, and allow myself to begin to worry about the details of my Life, my future...the 5 W's(what, where, when, why, who).
But I choose to look at it with interest and excitement! There is no need to fear! 
I get to stand on a clean, blank, slate and begin to create what it is that I want.
Most importantly, I get to slow down and look around, and look at Life unfold!
Something I was once too busy for a lot of the time!
Now I have much more time!
Yesterday I took advantage of the pretty weather with a very long walk!
These are the priceless moments in my Life right now! Where it is me and the world, connecting!
I am grateful for I have time to enjoy my gorgeous nephew growing up! I can enjoy each day with less stress, more time to breath and take Life in!
There are so many things to enjoy!

And now for the very first time I get to learn who I truly am! 

I am grateful for my quest!