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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Task?

So how are the gratitude lists coming along? Thank you for all of you who sent me their lists!
Feels so good to read some of the beautiful things in your lives!!!

Today I thought I could add another task to our weekly exercises. From my own experience yesterday, I realised the importance of being a happy person who enjoys sharing joy with others. Some people don't release their tension, fear, and stresses and actually wait until they're in the company of a great listener to unleash their built up negativity. And if your on the receiving end of this, you can fall victim to it. So as I usually always do, but regrettable didn't do yesterday; I usually, always protect my personal space. 
"I now empower my protective circle so that only love may enter" and I visualize a circle around me.
Failing to do so yesterday made a victim of me.

So my addition to your weekly task of gratitude is this:
Be a happy, vibrant person people want to be around. Bring your best to someone- especially those you haven't seen in a while! Be a pleasure to be around, and please WORK ON YOUR ISSUES! It isn't fair for those of us who do and then have to be around those who don't! You realize people don't enjoy being around complainers!!!

Every day, with every interaction, I want you to be the BEST YOU you can possibly be!!!
Bring love, light, happiness and smiles where ever you go, with whom ever you encounter. Pretend there is a mirror and you can see your reflection, this perhaps will keep you from being "that" someone you don't want to be!

Best of luck with your task! Hey, if we keep up all this improvements, we just might create a gorgeous planet of loving individuals!