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Monday, May 16, 2011

Daily Grind Is Bad For You

It is said that if we can think it, we can create it.

I think of things like Vegas; what was once just dessert is today a world wide known city! Someone envisioned that, it was simply some one's idea. Today it is an actual, tangible place!

This photo, an underwater hotel. Some one's vision. A thought created into a reality!
These things remind us that we ARE visionaries and creators! 

We mustn't get stuck in the daily grind of Life! It isn't what we came here to do! Life is SO MUCH MORE than doing the day to day stuff! Sure, it is a pleasure to live each day, share our experiences, enjoy our meals, wander around our day to day Lives! Yet I know there is so much more each of us can do! I know the importance of remembering this!!!
No one reminds us of our capabilities!

Most of us remain afraid to fail, so we stick with what we know. What is SAFE!


What about succeeding??? 

What about doing something OUTSIDE of our comfort zone?

Celebrate your daily Life, just don't get stuck in it!

Daily Grind is BAD FOR YOU!

Remember you are a visionary and a creator!

Now go create something magical and magnificent!