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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Everything Is Perfect

I have tough issues, dramas and crazy scenarios in my life, just like you and the person next to you.
Yet each day I affirm that everything is perfect because the reality is such! I look at the positive, beautiful things Life gives me! I have my beautiful health, my beautiful body to carry my beautiful soul, my beautiful mind, my beautiful family and friends, my abundance of beautiful necessities and luxuries, my beautiful patience, my beautiful kindness and beautiful love! It goes on and on! Endless amounts of things to be grateful for! 

How do you view your Life? Are you focused on the dramas and craziness more than anything else? If you want to improve your Life, do as I do and look at the gorgeousness in your Life!!!

I used to look at all the bad and it helped make things worse and worse for me! Believe me, those who knew the old me can confirm this!
Today I love my Life and I work on improving it more and more each and every day! 
I accept the great gift given to me: Life!
I affirm with great luv and light each moment that everything is PERFECT!!!