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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy And Excited

Key to feeling happy and excited: first thing in the morning when you awake - unless you have a dream that is still lingering in your mind- in that case I would strongly suggest that you reach over for your paper and pencil- always keep some writing material in arms reach in your bedroom...your dreams are very important and always need to be researched...look them up on the computer or email me if you need help deciphering them...I am not an expert but I have been researching my dreams for years so I will do my best to help you out- Okay back to my "keys" of feeling happy and excited. So as I said;

First thing to do in the morning THE VERY FIRST CONSCIOUS moment you have; say to yourself, or out loud, "Thank You" over and over again...just keep saying thank you! Now, when you are ready for a second thought, move on to WHAT you are grateful for and just keep going on with your list. It doesn't matter if you give thanks for your socks or your spouse whatever it is doesn't matter, as long as you keep listing things! 

Now moving forward and looking into a mirror (yes this can be a toughie for some but just keep trying until you're able to do it!) look directly into your eyes and say, "insert name here, I love you! I really love you!" - I learnt this one from Louise L. Hay and it is VERY powerful!!!

Next, move on to saying these affirmations:
"I affirm that today is a GREAT day! I am ready for it! I anticipate a fun filled day of laughter and joy! I bring with me happiness and beauty in all its forms! I am excited and honored to have this New Day and I approach it with great Love in my heart! Thank You!"

I would love to tell you the next step would be to to sit and meditate for as long as you like, do some yoga or stretching, have a gorgeous healthy juice, and on and on I would go with lists and lists of things that you can do...but we each are our own person. I can not choose for you. So take my suggestions and turn them into what works FOR YOU! After all, YOU are the only one who knows what is best for YOU!