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Friday, May 6, 2011

Here You Are

Today is Friday, the day of the week when most everyone is in high spirits! 
Take advantage of this beautiful high energy!

You've completed your week and hopefully your tasks! We focused on gratitude this week and your final task is to try your best to remain in a state of gratitude! 
It is highly beneficial! It will keep your doorway open for the many gifts that await to enter into your reality!
I know we all have our issues, stresses and things to figure out and work on, believe me I do too! But why not deal with it in a better way, like keeping our focus on being grateful for all the rest?! 
All the beautiful wonderful things that surround us and bless us each day?! 

Your legs that help you move from place to place, your eyes that help you to see, your voice that helps you to express yourself, your hands and arms that can move freely, to grasp, hold, type, grip and caress. Your heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. Your cells, nerves, blood and lymph nodes. Your hair, nails, feet, toes, hips and head. Your face, skin, nose....well we can just go on and on...and this is just your body we are focusing on. Now imagine how many more things you have to be grateful for! 
Let us focus on the many, many gifts and try to pay LESS attention to the challenges and stresses because when you seriously look at it; you have more to be grateful for than to complain about!
So let's step out of our stress bubbles, and really take a good look at our lives and how beautiful it truly is!
With Love and Gratitude I say THANK YOU and may our energy of gratitude come together and bless us all!!!