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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flow With Life

I used to rack my brain, scurrying about back and forth to find the answers.

"What should I do next? What is my next step? Where do I go? What do I do?"

Oh yeah, I remember those days all too well, because it wasn't all that long ago and stress, anxiety, and frustration were the result of this famous way of thinking.
But today, when all my world has been turned upside down and I "should" be scurrying about toward a new job, a new career, moving on from where I left off....I find myself completely stopped and LOVING IT! For the first time I truly get to put my strength and beliefs into practice- well that's not entirely true- but this one is a biggy for me!

This is the one that tests my trust, challenges me, and I LOVE IT!

I embrace my change! I embrace my understanding and trust in the universe!!! I KNOW that I am always well taken care of, well guided, protected and supported AT ALL TIMES!

I don't have to figure anything out! Instead I ALLOW and follow!
There is always a HIGHER YOU guiding you toward your path and purpose!

There isn't anything to figure out! Most people may think I'm crazy, maybe even irresponsible with this way of thinking, some call me lucky; but I believe in it! I trust in it! And for those reasons IT WORKS FOR ME!

Never mind what others think! Remember, "what you think of me is none of my business!"
So TRUST, LET GO, and ALLOW yourself to FLOW with Life!

This is a gorgeous journey we are on and if we waste our energy and trying to figure it all out, we lose out on ENJOYING IT!
CHOOSE to enjoy your Life and quit trying to figure it all out!!!!

Luv, Light, Strength, and Courage to you all!