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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

How Many tasks can you handle? How much is too much?
For me, my tasks are many and daily. I keep polishing myself, over and over again. I continuously repeat positive affirmations, I write, read, exercise, lovingly prepare my foods, take in the gorgeous nature that surrounds me, help others....basically, with where the Universe has placed me right now in my Life, I do the best with it! I focus on Love, try to absorb each moment the best that I can! Then I take all of that and send it outward, and share it with everyone on the planet!
There is so much that can be done, achieved, realized. It is never ending! HOW WONDERFUL!!!!
Life gives us SO much! And giving back is my favorite part!
If you were to ask me am I happy with where I am I will say YES with a beautiful smile! But it is not where I want to remain! I know I am continuously moving forward, I am never stuck. And I do not need to "figure it out"! The details take care of themselves! I just need to embrace where I am. Love every part of it, dream about my future, my goals and lovingly ALLOW the details to reveal themselves AND THEY ALWAYS DO at the right time and space NOT when I THINK THEY "SHOULD" come!
Letting go and allowing the flow of Life is your additional task!
This can be a toughie, letting go and trusting can be two of the most difficult things for a human to do! We can be such control freaks! Oh yeah, so many of us "know it all"!!!

Can you handle this task?

Practice makes perfect!