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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Reward: Happiness

Life supplys us with all we need.
I truly believe in this statement and never before have I been given such an opportunity as the present moment in my Life to really put this belief into practice.
It has been a crazy ride for me since 2010.
Lost my business to a fire, not to mention all the questions, comments and complications involved with that!

My circle of family and friends altered in some way; some good, some not so good.
Truths and justices surfacing, circling my reality; all good but some difficult to handle.
And so many other details, too many to jot down really.
But I am still here! I am alive! Breathing, well, and happy!
Shouldn't I be losing my mind? Shouldn't I be crying and carrying anger and pain?!
NO! Because I have worked many years on polishing my insides, making sure I am always well aware and connected to my inner source!

For me, it has been a bumpy and life altering time so far, but the best part of it all, is that I get FEEL happy NO MATTER WHAT! Because the universe I live in is abundant, ever giving, loving, and supportive! It is ALL in my choosing to view it this way and the reward is HAPPINESS!!!

I am grateful to be alive! THANK YOU LIFE!!!