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Friday, May 27, 2011

Self Pity Is So Passé

Thank you for my Life!
Thank you for my health and happiness! My safety and protection!
Thank you for all of my daily blessings!
Thank you for my friends, family and children!
Thank you for my beauty, strength, understanding and kindness!
Thank you for giving me the gift of Life and allowing me the freedom to roam this earth with this beautiful mind, soul and body!
Thank you for my clarity, peace and understanding!
Thank You! Thank YOU! THANK YOU!

Living in a state of gratitude allows more beauty into your Life! What you send out comes back like a boomerang so make sure what you put out there you want back!
No matter what your beliefs are this is one of the Laws of this universe you Live in! Like it or not, it is the way it works!

So be conscious of what you set out into the universe; your thoughts, feelings, opinions and energy!
It always comes back full circle!!!

YOU make your Life what it is today! NO ONE ELSE! YOU are the reason you are happy or sad!
Quit blaming others! 
If you aren't happy, look within and find out what it is YOU need to change!!!

No self pity! Your too bright and beautiful for that!!!
Besides self pity is so passé!!!