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Monday, May 9, 2011

What Are You Creating?!

There is no denying it! What you give out, you get back!
These are the solid rules in this beautiful game of Life! It's how everything works. Since far back in history, people used to say, "do unto others as you wish to have done upon yourself". Yep, that's right! Because we work in accordance with the great Law Of Attraction!
What you do, comes back to you. What you say, comes back to you, and what you believe comes back to you! It may not be instantaneous, but eventually it comes back around. And POOF! It's in YOUR reality!
At some point, it always finds it's way back.
All those thoughts you think, the good you do, the efforts you put in, it all comes boomeranging back!
Knowing this effect, and this law, how could anyone not watch their thoughts, actions, words and demeanor?!
Knowing this, how can we still allow ourselves to think small, limited, damaging thoughts?

Create what you would like to see in your reality! Affirm statements that Love and Support your Life! 
You are CONSTANTLY creating, aware of it or not!

I create a Life I love to look at! What are you creating?!

Luv and Light,