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Monday, June 6, 2011

Choose Wisely

We all have those people in our lives who help us feel UP! One conversation with them zooms us upward inside! We feel re energized and content! Those are the people you want to spend more time with! On the same note, we have those who drain us, sadden us, complain and help us feel down perhaps even depressed!

My advice to you: cut those people out and if this isn't an option then give them solutions. Most people who complain don't want solutions, they just want someone to listen and feel bad for them. They are happy in their misery and want you to share with them in their pain. Please understand that I am not saying not to listen to a friend in need and not help them out NO! I'm referring to those who are constant complainers. Those who are constantly feeling sorry for themselves and will call you just to drain you! You know, people we would consider to be negative

Eating a proper diet is important, so is excercise but so is choosing how to spend your time and energy! Choosing happy people to surround yourself with, in my opinion is just as important as any other aspect in your Life!
Always choose what helps you feel good! 

So the next time that person approches you with their depressing stories, tell them you really don't have time to talk or better yet, try and help them to understand what it is they are doing to help create that reality...they will either listen or be quick to want to get far away from you!

Misery really does love company, it's up to you to choose to be that company!

Choose wisely!