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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do You Feel Safe Being Alone?

Surrounded by beautiful family and friends is a gift in itself. It is beautiful to spend time with them and share parts of our life with them and we must give thanks for this! 
But today I want to ask you how you feel when you are alone? Do you feel scared, worried or nervous? I was up north surrounded by gorgeous Mother Nature selflessly showing off her gorgeous, massive talents of creative beauty and I thought to myself, "if I were here completely alone would I feel safe"? My answer was yes. I have worked many years on myself -and I keep on working, and in my process of healing I have filled myself with great peace within. A peacefulness that allows me to feel safe inside, regardless of where I am. I strongly urge you to work on yourself and do the work needed so that you can feel safe and secure no matter where you are and no matter what your situation in Life is at the moment. 
There is no reason for you NOT to feel safe! Believe me I know what it means to curl yourself up into a ball, cry and feel scared, worried and nervous. I have fallen victim to my inner and outer situations too many times not to understand it as well as I do. So today I encourage you to keep up the self work and help yourself as best as you can, so that you may always feel safe being alone!
The reality of it is we are NEVER alone!

*** writing these posts is a great pleasure for me. I have so much within me and each blog comes through for a reason. I have noticed in my many blogs, there are times I have to repeat things over and over again. I do not question it, if it comes up than it is a clear indication that someone needs those words- sometimes that someone is me! So today's blog was about fear of being alone and for those of you who need further info, here are a few past blogs you might want to visit by going to my blog page: and looking through these blogs:

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