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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get Off Your High Horse

Strip us all down naked, rip off all our tittles, remove all of our belongings NOW who are we?
Without any of that false makeup is who you truly are!
So what are you? Who are you?
Funny? Kind? Adorable? Sweet? Peaceful? Honest? Loving? Accepting? Forgiving? Strong? 

I LOVE beautiful riches and I wish abundance in all its forms for each of us, but DO NOT believe that because your SUV is bigger than theirs that you are better than them!
Humans feel powerful when they have riches...but those of us who are truly blessed can attract riches AND have priceless things like happiness, laughter, and LOVE within them! 
Those priceless things are NOT available in ANY store! What ever you can buy are extras, but what you carry within you are truly priceless gems!!!
Just ask any person who has all the riches money can buy, they'll tell you!

Stop being distracted by the unnecessary and focus on what counts!

You are no better than me. I am no better than you! We are all the same!